Located 17 Km. north of Yaxhá, on the Holmul river banks, its main feature is its abundant restored architecture, the Crestar of the main temple is the best outside Tikal, the south plaza is the largest, including  the main Acrópolis with 11 patios, a lot of structures, including a 44 room palace, and in the center another elevated acrópolis, this city has evidence of being occupied since late Preclassic, but flourished in the Late Classic, from 700 to 900 AD, due to its strategic situation north of Holmul river, that was an important commerce pathway during this era. All the visible architecture belongs to this period, there are 15 stelas, Structure A with a triadic top, form along with structure C an astronomical complex. Structure V has vaults and vertical walls.

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In Nakún had been found a lot of Graffiti, more then any other Mayan city, some examples below