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 Altar de Sacrificios

Altar de Sacrifícios Is a mid sized site, located on La Pasión river, near the confluence with the Chixoy or Salinas river to form the Usumacinta river, it developed in the Pre Classic ( Xe pottery, dating from 1000 BC),  and formal architecture (thatch-and-pole) date to c 500 BC.

Being the capitol city of La Pasión river basin since 455 AD, due to its dominance in the water routes for commerce between the Central Highlands and the Lowlands of Petén, although it flourished during the middle classic 661 to 771 AD, then declined due to the surge of Ceibal and Dos Pilas, and a Putún invasion on 835 AD, the last date documented there is 910 AD, the early constructions are with red sandstone, given it a very unique look, it has a very rich pottery and of course a number of  stelas and altars that gave its name, also during the Peabody excavations, there where found 270 obsidian objects with animal shapes and Flint eccentrics in Altar de Sacrificios, a cache contained 13 eccentrics. This cache was thought to have been placed through a plaza floor at the time of the placement of Altar number 4. This one contained 4 laurel-leaf blades, 3 notched double-pointed blades, 2 elaborated perforated forms, a very complex unnamed form, 2 trident crescents and a double-notched pointed blade.


Recent investigations on the Chamá Style pottery, have yielded the conclusion that the makers of this very fine and well define style was made by nobles from Altar de Sacrificios, that fled during the Classic Maya Collapse of the Petexbatún  area, and established there during 60 years,  the concentration of Chamá style pottery in this site is the largest in any Maya city.

Altar de Sacrificios Gallery

Stela 12 left

Stela 12 front

Stela 12 right

Altar 3 in 1904 expedition by T. Maler

 polychrome Vase
Altar de Sacrificios during excavation in 1961 (85k)
Central Plaza

Usumacinta River

Altar 3

Altar and Stela 2


Altar 1



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