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Northeastern Petén

Kinal | Xultun | Chanchih II | Witzna | Kanajau | Socotzal | ChajKekCue


This region is Located in the Río Azul National Park and has a large variety of Preclassic and Classic sites, such as Naachtún. Cival and  San Bartolo, some  just being investigated, but the majority is waiting to be open and shred more light about the Maya. The north-east Region of Petén saw exceptional construction activity with the erection of hundreds of monumental towns. Recent studies have been undertaken at 64 archaeological sites  such as La Honradez and Xmacbatún, both Large sites and not investigated yet.

Kinal: Located 9 Km south west from Río Azul, Kinal, (Place of the Sacred Fire) is a silent site, full of Structures, with well preserved vaults, it has a ball court, 21 Plazas and more than 500 structures, there are 32 Sculptured monuments including Stelas and altars, arranged along a huge Sacbé from East to West. It was known as The Sacred Fire City among the ancient Mayas, the tallest temple is 27 Mt. high, structures are packed in some 2  Km2. It is 2 to 3 hours hike from Rio Azul ( 9 Km.), in this site there is evidence of a dam from the Pre Classic, used for agriculture.

Xultún: is a very Big Early Classic Site with an area of 16  Km2 that has among its major features, a Temple 35 mt High, palaces, 2 ball courts, 24 Stelas,  the last dated monument is Stela 10 (899 AD), in several Plazas, there are 5 Aguadas or water reservoirs, that shows a large population, it is located 40 Km. northeast from Tikal and 6 Km. north of the smaller Preclassic site of San Bartolo, between this sites there is a number of Preclassic sites such as: Chaj K’e’k Cué a site believed to be the residential area of the Xultún Rulers, with a palace up to 8 m. tall, Isla Oasis and Las Minas, sites where a large quarry of limestone have been identified, and one big site that was discovered by satellite north of Isla Oasis, to date, Xultún is the Largest Classic Site of the Maya that has not been investigated. Xultún Emblem Glyph below, Xultún Stela 1 has a Maya Zodiac

Buried Pyramid

Emblem Glyph

Chanchich II: Is located on the Holmul river shores, north of Naranjo, that has 2 Acrópolis, a Ball Court, an E group and residential areas, occupied in the Pre Classic, has Stucco masks in 2 temples

Site Map

Stucco Mask Draws

Stucco Mask Draws

Witzná: Is a Large Classic site, located near Chanchich II, in the confluences of the Holmul and Ixcanrío rivers, this site has an Acrópolis with several Palaces, 2 are 2 floor, Temples and a Ball Court, a Causeway join this Complex with the Sculptures Complex, to the west, there are 3 Stelas and 2 altars, the main Palace is 8 mt High, the main residential area is at the east

Site Map

Kanajau: Located 7 Km. north of Naranjo, this site has the largest number of sculptures from the Pre Classic in this area, this site has an E group and several Stelas and altars as well as a zoomorphous sculpture

Site Map

Stela 1


Altar 3



Socotzal: Located 11 Km west from Tikal, is a Pre Classic site, that has an E group, and a Triadic Temple, a Pyramid there is similar in shape and size to the 5C-54 in Tikal' s Mundo Perdido Acropolis

Chaj'Kek'Cue': Located 3 Km southwest from San Bartolo, and near  Xultún, has been identified as a peripheral site of Xultún. The site has  a ceremonial Acropolis and a Ball Court dated in the Late Classic.



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